Direct current

Alternating current is a current whose magnitude and direction varies cyclically, that is, there is a change of electric current, as opposed to the direct current of an electric motor. It has a magnet that produces a magnetic induction field, a cylinder where are the conductors and wires that are connected to a generator. The rotating electric motors have two coaxial cylindrical ferromagnetic armatures, Coupon Codes at mrosupply one fixed and one movable, separated by an air gap. The operation of electric motors is based on the principles of electromagnetism, through conductors established in a magnetic field and crossed by electric current, undergo the action of a mechanical force, called torque.

The DC motors are derived from the reversibility of the corresponding generators, and can be of one of these types, with independent excitation, in series and compounds, all of which are characterized by the ease of speed regulation.

There are several types of motors of which the main ones are the direct current and AC. DC motors are more expensive because you need a device that converts the alternating current into direct current. Alternating current motors are cheaper and the most used, because the electric power is distributed in alternating current.

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